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Tiffany Bean, Independent Clothing Designer

My name is Tiffany Bean and I design clothing for women that is luxurious and playful.  My inspiration to be a designer began when I was very young, sitting behind my mom's sewing chair in her teeny, tiny sewing room.  As my mom would sew 'grown up' things, I would design clothes for my dolls with her scrap fabric.

Throughout my career as a Portland, Oregon boutique owner, I've fallen in love with the idea of creating clothing that not only met the needs of my clients but also comes from my own fun sensibilites.  Luxurious mixed fabrics with eye-catching whimsical prints and bold color are my passion, and I love bringing that passion to my clients.


I have always had a thing for 60’s and 70’s style in my house, hair and closet, so this tends to find it’s way into my designs as well.  I try to balance it out, but there is always a touch of it in each collection.  I just love the glamour and sophistication of this era.

I’m now a mom of 2 amazing little girls and love involving them in all of my creative endeavors!  They give me a million ideas and are a constant source of joy and inspiration for me!  I hope to find the time to design clothing for little girls as well, but one thing at a time!