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The Tiffany Bean Story

When I was little...

I sat behind my mom's chair in her teeny, tiny sewing room and made dresses for my dolls from her scrap-fabric.

Tiffany Bean

Fast-forward a bit...

After owning my own boutique in Portland, Oregon for several years, I had trouble finding what my customers were looking for so I decided I would start designing them myself. I started with some basic styles that met the needs my customers were asking for: dresses with sleeves, flattering shapes, fun prints. This was exciting to start but I quickly realized I wanted to design styles that I wanted to wear, not just what everyone else was asking for. So after a couple of years playing around, I finally found my niche...styles that are wearable for work, daytime or a night out but in a mix fun, sometimes cheeky prints. And the customers who I had been designing for originally loved it all so much more! 

I realized I had been wanting to create my own styles ever since that tiny sewing room and all those scraps of fabric! Designing has been a dream come true for me and made me a believer in following your heart and you will find success.

I now have 2 daughters that inspire me daily. My oldest, Frances, worked with me to create this beautiful movie below that was an inspiration behind the I Heart Portland Collection and shown at the 2016 Fade To Light Fashion Show in Portland...enjoy!